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Social Program

The celebratory Thursday afternoon conferences will take place in the Amphiteatro do Laboratorio Chimico of the Science Museum of the Lisbon University.

The Laboratorio Chimico is one of the lasting great XIX century laboratories of Europe that still maintains all its original features.

After this session the conference dinner will take place at the Museu da Cerveja at Praça do Comercio.

The conference diner will take place in the unique Praça do Comércio in center of Lisbon in one of its most recent restaurants: the Museu da Cerveja, where an assortment of Portuguese dishes and beers will be served.

The dinner will cost 26.00 euros and you may check the menu here.

Restaurant Average Prices Including
1 Faculty of Pharmacy (Conference)
2 Faculty of Pharmacy Bar 3,75-5€ Soup, main dish (meat or fish; vegetarian under order) and fruit - 3,75€
Plus drink and coffee – 5€
3 Faculty of Dental Medicine 5€ Soup, main dish (meat or fish; vegetarian under order), drink and dessert
4 Club i (ISCTE) 9-12€ Soup (or dessert), main dish, drink and coffee
5 Puro Acaso (Complexo) 5-7€ Main dish (Buffet), drink and dessert